Omnidyne Psychotronix Limited Brain Reconfigurator

The Omnidyne Psychotronix Limited Brain Reconfigurator (aka, OPLBR. Seen here with its portable Spheroid-HyperTruncated Powersource in a rare photograph snapped an instant before the energy broadcasting from the unit made the electronics of the camera inert) is an invention of the reclusive Prof. Werner V. Slack. Slack, best-known for his treatises on non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic processes in modern hospitals, and the Brain Controlled Drum Machine among many other important gadgets he created during his indenture at the Poughkepsie, NY temporary minilab of Omnidyne Limited Psychotronix, a Nebraska-based think-tank and manufacturer of sub-psychosomatic commercial consumer-motivational "insertion" techniques and human "re-program" hardware.
The OPLBR is Slack's latest in the "Re-Configuration" series of psychoacoustic sub-psychosomatic interfaces. It was originally conceived and built for CompoundEYE's SPACE 2001 (July 7th, 2001), the premiere hosting of the 'Compostar Oculus' spacehub and interstellar bar (in which Prof. Slack also helped design and fabricate the Master Control Panel for the space station), and has reappeared in public only briefly when the gravity well above it focuses enough for it to safely operate.

For more clinical research and studies on the OPLBR, go here.


Completed: June 2001
Dimensions: Depends on the slant of the Gravity Well. On average it is approximately 3 feet tall by 1 foot deep without Spheroid-HyperTruncated Powersource
Current Status:

Housed in templab Storage Facility 17-B, pending further investigation


BrainReconfigurator.mp3 According to many Brain Reconfigurator test-subjects, this is the sound that they often hear during the reconfiguration process. Strangely, this "reconstructed" sound is over 3 minutes long, while each "session" averages only 30 seconds. Upon listening to this reconstruction, post-reconfiguration, 95% of the "exposed" swear it is accurate.