Cases and Extremities:  

Another satisfied "user" of the OPLBR.

Her "Re-Configuration" could last from 1 week to life. Often, the effects don't manifest for several weeks. User results may vary. Side-effects include one or more of the following: loose bowels, itchy teeth, acute attitude reversal, and a propensity to randomly question.

One of the rare and unfortunate combinative genitive/exposure accidents. "Jimmi" stayed a little too long under the Reconfigurator, coupled with the unforeseen by-product-reaction of his transgenitive biology and the duration of "exposure".
Notice the apparent "bugged eyes", a common effect of over-"exposure" to the OPLBR's gravity well.
This very rare combinative-reactive condition occurs only 1 in 1,000,000.

This subject, who insisted that we call him Donald "The Nut," tediously reminded us that he was in some "nerd-rock-band" called "Three Day Stubble" despite the fact of his being held at his family's request in an "institution" for the last 30 years, which is where we found him on loan for our research "tests."

The subject is exhibiting one of the classic but rare "side-effects" of the Reconfigurator's extreme thetonic bath-stream exposure from within the hemispherical cranial dock: extremely thick and bushy neck hair. This condition has occurred only 795 times in nearly 45,000 exposed, and seems to affect both "human" genders.

An interesting subject, "Sylvania" was brought to us via our sister organization, Uni Tertiary Systems (UniTS). She claimed to have some sort of "power" in the area of empathetic responses to dolphins and other "intelligent" lower lifeforms. We decided to see if her "ability" could be somehow amplified to link her closer to her "human" brethren.

Alas, the only lingering effect we were to achieve from her "exposure" was a state of (we hope semi) bliss. Aditionally, she claims, fits of apnea.

Note the self-satisfied grin. An unfortunate aesthetic side-effect: her hair was brunette before the "exposure" to the Reconfigurator.

Merely known as "Subject A0-45," this subject was one of the few gross "failure" experiments.

Unfortunately, immediately following merely one exposure, this subject suffered an unrecoverable catatonia. Her eyes never closed after the exposure, and that coupled with severe damage to the tear duct system, an optical-irrigation infrastructure installation was necessary to keep her eyeballs from drying out.

Nothing is known as to the cause of her trauma, nor her current whereabouts.

This person was allowed to keep his "case" with him during the reconfiguration exposure. This was the last known photo of him, this early iteration of the Reconfigurator, the lab it was contained in, and his "case," as unknown to the research assistants running this particular test, the "case" contained trace amounts of phenolchlotrimetate from a previous experiment the subject had been through at one of Omnidyne Limited Psychotronix's other labs. Phenolchlotrimetate is one of the several known compounds that reacts cataclysmically with the gravity well and thetons emitted by the Reconfigurator.

Sadly the lab and all its contents, including this early Reconfigurator prototype, the research assistants, this subject, and several hundred caged rhesus monkeys, are still drifting as atomic particles in Earth's Northern Hemisphere gulf stream.

This subject wished to be merely referred to as "PEET" (uppercase his).
After his exposure to several intensive theton and gravity well sessions, PEET calmly came out of the hemispherical cranial dock pensive, thoughtful, and distracted. After speaking to his wife and acquaintances, it was determined that the Reconfigurator seemed to have no effect on him at all. This disposition seemed to be the same as his pre-exposure one.

However, the effects sometime are not apparent for hours, weeks, sometimes years. This subject is still under analysis and is due shortly for an intensive followup session including bloodwork, CAT scans, exposure to new higher-energy Uuons from current Reconfigurator spun-off technology, and a complete bone-scan.

One thing that is noticeable in this picture is the slight side-effect of an itchy chin that seemed to appear and continue after his third Reconfigurator session.