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univac's 2001
Tentacle Session

univac publicly explains
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Bend It Better

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Back in 2000 univac anticipated
Sound Design as Legitimate Listenable Music

Also, here's a nice 2006 article on Disquiet about univac's "music."

When you invite a noise artist to a Drone Show he brings motors and contact mics.
Or perhaps a 90-year old National Steel Tricone Resonator guitar.

Here's a very nice and surprisingly thorough interview by Austin Rich of Mid-Valley Mutations about all things univac.

A consummate TechDweeb, visualArtist and novatone "musician" univac continuously re-purposes the detritus of trickle-down technology and off-the-shelf toys and electronics in order to create circuit-bent audioVisual hybrids; causing the designers of the original items to shudder in disbelief.

univac also constructs audioVisualizations utilizing Apple's Quartz Composer, a visual programming system, making short experimental films and performing live visuals for his own performances and other live shows. You can find many of univac's visualizations on Vimeo and YouTube.

univac holds a degree in cinematography and sound-designed for film/video, games, software and the early web and VR in the 1990’s for such diverse clients as SIGGRAPH, AOL, Microsoft (Paul Allen), Silicon Graphics, NTT, Thomas Dolby, Char Davies, and science fiction writers Alan Dean Foster & Neal Stephenson.

In 1995 univac performed with musicians Paul Godwin and Miguel Noya one of the first ever live net-streamed electronic music concerts from San Francisco to an audience of over 10,000 in Caracas, Venezuela (using an early beta of what became REALplayer on a 33.6K modem!).

He has written articles on the art of circuit bending for low-brow, high-shelf art mag Hi-Fructose, live-sound engineered for cutup culture-jammers Negativland (I can't believe it! Lyrics!); and is a co-conspirator of: Big City OrchestraDaevid Allen (Gong, Soft Machine), BOLT (The Bureau of Low Technology), Wobbly, Thomas DiMuzio, Evolution Control Committee, Edward Ka-Spel, The Silverman, The Legendary Pink Dots and is currently a member of the art-nerd super-group SynthLab Collective.

In addition to univac, there is also audioVisual havoc created under projects:the univac index (the modrn univac)God's Grandparents, Werner V Slack, AirSickBags Omnimedia (and the mid-90's Omnimedia series of trickle-down technological audioVisual extravaganzas), and Optikal Nutrasweet (tm).

Some of the people who own (and hopefully sometimes play and occasionally enjoy) univac's gadgets: TV On The Radio, BT, Evolution Control Commmitte, Big City Orchestra, The Legendary Pink Dots, Negativland, Paul Andrew Hayes, Pete Doolittle, Andrew Reitsma, RobotSpeak, Rob Wortman, Dr. Bleep, Ron Rierson, Peter Conheim, Peter Washburn.

Professionally, univac goes by his given name Tom Koch and is a MacTech, running his own Mac consulting business since 1995:

univac can be communicated with for comments, commisions, sales, patronage or rants by sending some kind of electronic missive to: univac @ this website.
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Gadgets by univac

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uniPet 04 TadeMark Three Loud Objects Henry's Tit
uniPet Series

Three Loud Objects

The Demonic Relic

Henry's Tit
Cellular Recombomat
Cellular Recombomat NESbyt BratHead


HellTinky Chanter RatThing BooperGees
TinyFlaccid TubbyBoxes Chanter RatThing BooperGees
Opera Daisy BCards Billy BassTARD One Hand Jam
Opera Daisy Series B-Cards Billy BASStards One Hand Jam Series
Math Solid Gold Meat Box Nice Cube Of White Noise Evil Cube of Black Noise
The Triumvirate of Math Solid Gold Meat Box Nice Cube of White Noise Evil Cube of Black Noise
Emperor George II Easy Evilmo Micro Hessian
Emperor George II Easy! Evilmo Micro Hessian
Arcane Riot Toy Beat Benders CDamn Unit Blue Pop Tragedy
Arcane Riot Toy Beat Bender Series CDamn Unit Blue Pop Tragedy
Demonkeys Tom Tom FibFriend Super Ear Blaster
DeMonKeys TomTom FibFriend Super Ear Blaster
  Kaoss Clear CowShark  
  Blue Kaoss Pads CowShark Moo!  

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