Billy BASStard, 2nd iteration  
This version of the Billy BASStard was created for Peter Conheim (Negativland, Mono Pause, Wet Gate, Neung Phak) for his birthday and was purchased at the tail end of the Negativland True/False 2000 tour. See here for more details on the other Billy BASStard I bought at the same time.
With this version, I decided to keep the simu-wood plaque, and made the fish removable but connected via a coiled phone cord, so Peter could proudly display the damn thing on his dining room wall, or pull the fish off to scare unsuspecting relatives with the gasping of mouth, slimy skin, and twitching of body.
Functionally, it is exactly the same as the previous Billy BASStard iteration, with potentiometer noise control, optical resistor noise addition, fast-speed momentary switch, reset momentary switch, normal or modified switch, 1/4" output, and human contact resistance point (the spring on top).

Here you can see the fish off its plaque, trying to get free and eat you before it gasps its last breath.

The button on the fish is there as a kindly reminder to those who may feel they'd like to try to eat the fish.
Completed: Late 2001
Dimensions: Appx. 14" long (with plaque) and 8" high (including spring)
Current Status:

Waiting for its next victim on Peter Conheim's dining room wall.

Audio Bits:

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