CellularRecombomat Under Construction

Prototyping phase. This is the first version of C&Gs board hooked up to a tiny video monitor for initial bending.

The original VTECH toy: LessonOne. A very boring beeping toy with a small LED readout screen behind a fake large screen and membrane switch controls. But the case was perfect for the video synth! And, pre-made holes for the patch bay!

The "screen" area was pretty much perfect to install a 7" video display from a portable DVD player. I bought a "broken" portable DVD player off ebay, stripped off everything I didn't need (leaving the main board with power, video and audio inputs and the 7" LCD display) and mounted it inside the case.

And here it is with its initial coat of paint.

Guts! I ended up using 15pin connectors to connect the matrix of wires from the patchbay to the synth board for easy casing up. The big board with the hole in it is the LCD display board. It barely fit inside...

Detail of the matrix of wires to the patchbay and control panel.

Closing up the case. Yikes!! It was a pain in the ass keeping all the cables wrangled. But, in casing it up, something went awry and not all the features ended up working...more to do!

FINISHED!!!! (finally...)
And, just in time for the LA BentFestival!